Anh Văn 4 Tiếng anh pháp lý – Trả lời câu hỏi EL01/ SL01 – EHOU

Anh Văn 4 EL01 EHOU

Nội dung chương trình Anh Văn 4 Tiếng anh pháp lý – EL01 SL01 – EHOU nhằm cung cấp cho sinh viên cung cấp và luyện cách sử dụng khoảng hơn 2000 từ mới cùng nhiều thuật ngữ pháp lý thông dụng về 20 chủ đề

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4. Xem danh sách đáp án Trắc nghiệm EHOU

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Trả lời Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm Anh Văn 4 Tiếng Anh Pháp Lý – EL01 SL01 – EHOU

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1. … is a court’s power to hear and decide a matter before any other court can review the matter.

– (Đ)✅: Onginal junisdiction

– (S): Begin jurisdiction

– (S): Beginning jurisdiction

– (S): Origin jurisdiction 

2. .. jurisdiction is the power of a court to review and revise a lower courts’decision.

– (S): Apellate

– (Đ)✅: Appellate

– (S): Appeal

– (S): Appelate 

3. … is responsible for the training of judges, lay magistrates, and members of Tribunals in England and Wales.

– (S): High Court

– (S): Lord Chancellor’s Office

– (Đ)✅: The Judicial Studies Board (JSB) 

– (S): Probation Service 

4. … can each do advocacy, draft legal documents and give written advice.

– (Đ)✅: Baristers

– (S): Consultants

– (S): Legal advisors

– (S): Solicitors 

5. … increasingly takes place outside the court system.

– (S): Adjudicate

– (S): Adjudicative

– (Đ)✅: Adjudication

– (S): Adjudicator 

6. … is the area of law relating to the practical transfer of property, especially land.

– (Đ)✅: Conveyancing Law

– (S): Civil law

– (S): Land law

– (S): Transfering law 

7. … offences are the most serious offences such as arson, murder and manslaughter.

– (S): dangerous

– (S): Indicted

– (Đ)✅: Indictable

 8. … refers to attempt to use illegal force on another person in the absence of consent to sexual relation

– (S): serious 

– (Đ)✅: Sexual assault.

– (S): Murder

– (S): Manslaughter. 

9… refers to the unlawful killing of a person without malicious intent and therefore without premeditation

– (S): murder

– (Đ)✅: Manslaughter

– (S): Sexual assault 

10. … the substantive and procedural provisions relating to central and local governments

– (S): What

– (S): When

– (Đ)✅: Whereas

– (S): Why 

11. …………………… describes the financial state of a company when its debts are over its repayment ability

⇒ Ceremony

⇒ Development

⇒ Insolvency

⇒ Establishment 

12. ……………………. is rules which determine how a case is administered by the courts

⇒ Procedural law

⇒ Criminal law 1923

⇒ Public law 

13. A charge holder or company directors may file notice at court for … order.

⇒ administrative 

⇒ administrator

⇒ liquidation 

⇒ administration

14. A company may issue different … of shares, which have different rights attached to them.

⇒ forms

⇒ kinds

⇒ classes

⇒ types 

15. A contract is an … that creates binding obligations upon the parties

⇒ agreement

⇒ appeal 

⇒ interest

⇒ interest rate rate 

16. A court can make an order allowing one spouse to have possession of …

⇒ The family flat

⇒ The family home

⇒ The family house

⇒ The family shelter 

17. A lawyer who represents his or her … before the court is known as a barrister (in England).

⇒ Customer 

⇒ Client

⇒ Instructor

⇒ Subscriber. 

18. A merger occurs when one company has acquired the majority of the shares of the … company

⇒ acquiring

⇒ target

⇒ acquiror 

⇒ offering 

19. ADR methods are …

⇒ Mediation

⇒ Arbitration

⇒ Negotiation

⇒ Negotiation, arbitration and mediation 

20. Also criminal court procedure … to ensure a fair hearing by imposing very strict and formal rules of evidence. Many other safeguards relate to the power of the police. 

⇒  gives

⇒ looks

⇒ takes 

⇒ seeks 

21. Appointment Clause describes ……..and general emplointment of the director of the company. 

⇒ The title

⇒ The description

⇒ The job

⇒ The place 

22. Attempt to transform illegally acquired money into apparently legitimate money is charged with … 

⇒ drug dealing 

⇒ fraud 

⇒ murder 

⇒ money laundering

23. Chọn phương án trả lời đúng nhất Law ……….the action or conduct of individual or state

⇒ allows 

⇒ restains 

⇒ contains

⇒ opens 

24. Civil … related to the family, property, contracts and torts are brought to lower courts. 

⇒ act

⇒ actions

⇒ acted

⇒ active 

25. Common law evolved from …………., convention, and decisions of the courts.

⇒ Tất cả các phương án

⇒ custom,

⇒ Customary law, 

⇒ judicial precedent, 

26. Constitution is the body of doctrines and … that form the fundamental organizing principles of a political state.

⇒ practiced

⇒ practicing 

⇒ to practice 

⇒ practices 

27. Constitution Law is the law relating to ……………….. of government in a State. 

⇒ Tất cả các phương án

⇒ the law structure

⇒ the legal structure

⇒ the legally structure 

28. Contract law deals with … which create legal rights

⇒ contractors 

⇒ promises

⇒ individuals 

⇒ parties 

29. Crimes which are … by office employees and salaried professionals are known as while-collar crimes, or business crimes.

⇒ committed typically

⇒ typically committing

⇒ typically committed

⇒ typicaly committed ESIL.. 

30. Criminal and civil lawA simple distinction between the criminal and civil law is that the latter (civil law) regulates the relationships between …….. or bodies and the former (criminal law) regulates the legal relationship between the state and individual people and bodies.

⇒ departments 

⇒ organizations 

⇒ individuals 

⇒ states 

31. Criminal law involves the state imposing sanctions for defined crimes committed by individuals or businesses, so that society can achieve its brand of justice and a …

⇒ peaceable Social order

⇒ peace social order

⇒ peaceable socially order

⇒ peaceably social order ……….. and so on. 

32. Criteria for classifying legal systems may be based on historical, political, sociological, cultural.

⇒ points

⇒ things 

⇒ aspects

33. Decide if this statement is T (True) or F (False): Tribunals and arbitration are two main forms of extra-court adjudication which takes place inside the court system to suit the form of dispute resolution to the nature of the dispute involved.

⇒ False 

⇒ True 

34. District Judge (Magistrates’ Court) must have been ……… as a lawyer for at least seven years

⇒ Qualified

⇒ Qualifying

⇒ Qualitative

⇒ Quality 

35. During last decades the judiciary became active in economic issues related with economic rights established by …

⇒ constitute 

⇒ constitutional

⇒ constitutionally 

⇒ Constitution

36. Given the serious consequences which can result from being convicted of a …, it is necessary to provide safeguards against wrongful conviction.

⇒ administrative offence

⇒ civil offence

⇒ ciminal offence

⇒ Labouroffence 

37. How do I form a company?By sending

⇒ All the three are required

⇒ A memorandum of association, the articles of association

⇒ A statement of legal compliance

⇒ The details of the directors and the company secretary 

38. How many courses do do pupils take in order to become a barrister?

⇒ Two

⇒ An Extra Course

⇒ One

⇒ Three 

39. However, authorities may only act … the law or the government must obey the law.

⇒ by 

⇒ in

⇒ within

⇒ with 

40. In all countries, at all time, the decisions of courts are treated with respect, and they tend to be regarded as 

⇒ precedents’ 

⇒ conventions’

⇒ ‘laws’

⇒ ‘rules’ 

41. In contract cases, courts usually want to apply a law that will ………….the contract.

⇒ to adopt

⇒ to conclude 

⇒ to uphold

⇒ to perform 

42. In some jurisdictions, certain special types of contracts, must be written and signed or they are not ……….

⇒  enforceable

⇒ illegal

⇒ valid 

⇒ unenforceable 

43. Judge Brown is going to talk about the process of …

⇒ litgation

⇒ cases tudy 

⇒ court 

⇒  sitting 

44. Judges of Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam are appointed following the recommendation of …

⇒ National Assembly

⇒ The Department of Justice

⇒ The Lord Chancellor 

⇒ Chief Judge

45. Judges In England, Judges are (1) … by the Lord Chancellor. The minimum requirement is that one should be a barrister or solicitor of ten years’ (2) … The majority of judges are barristers, but they cannot practise as barristers. Recorders are practicing barristers who act as judges on a part-time basis. The appointment of judges is not a political appointment, and judges remain in office unless they (3) … guilty of gross misconduct. Judges cannot be Members of Parliament.

⇒ (1) appointed(2) standing (3) are found

⇒ appointedsittinghave found

⇒ appointingcarrying found

⇒ appointmentstandingfind 

46. Judicial review of administration are considered matters of administrative law. But some matters, such as the responsibility of …, cannot be solely assigned to either administrative or constitutional law.

⇒ minister

⇒ ministers

⇒ ministry 

47. Jurors have been chosen … from a panel of approximately 100 people.

⇒ At andom

⇒ At present

⇒ At work 

48. Land is the most important form … property.

⇒ by 

⇒ for

⇒ on 

⇒ of

49. Later you will learn how this difference is reflected in the terminology and …………… of the law.

⇒ legislation 

⇒ procedure

⇒ regulation 

⇒ rule 

50. Law is a solemn expression of ………..of the supreme power of the State

⇒ the will.

⇒ the opinion. 

⇒ the thinking 

⇒ thought .

51. Law must be respected and ……… . Any people if violate the law shall be punished 

⇒ enforce 

⇒ enforced 

⇒ enforceable

⇒ enforcing 

52. Lawyers in human rights may even find their … dangerous.

⇒ Professional

⇒ Professionally.

⇒ Profession

⇒ Professor 

53. Legal principles of English law are flexible and are based on real facts

⇒ Legal principles

⇒ Legal principle

⇒ Legally principles 

54. Most claims are initiated by the use of …, which functions as a summons. 

⇒ A form of admission

⇒ A claim form

⇒ A warrant of arrest

⇒ An injunction 

55. Mr Peter Smith is a famous JP. What does JP stand for? 

⇒ Judge for peace

⇒ Juror for peace

⇒ Justice of the Peace

⇒ Justice prosecutor 

56. Parliament or National Assembly have rise to enact any new law or ………… existing legislation

⇒ amend 

⇒ change 

⇒ make 

57. Parliament or National Assembly may ……….. its legislation to an individual or a body to make a specified law. 

⇒ get

⇒ give

⇒ delegate

⇒ take 

58. Property law is the area of law that govers the various forms of ownership and tenancy in … (land as distinct from personal or movable possessions) and in personal property, within the common law legal system

⇒ real property 

⇒ Intangible property

⇒ Movable possession

⇒ Movable property 

59. Read this: These differences are again reflected in the criminal court system. There are three types of criminal offence: summary, indictable and triable either way. The nature of the offence will determine the mode of trial. Summary offences are the less serious offences such as minor motoring offences, which are tried in the magistrates’ court whose jurisdiction is limited to a fine of less than £ 1,000 or to a sentence of lower than six-month imprisonment. Question: Which case is tried in Magistrates’court?A case with a fine of ……. 

⇒ about £ 1,000

⇒ less than £ 1,000

⇒ more than £ 1,000

⇒ over than £ 1,000 

60. Real property (immovable property) is the combination … and improvements (immovable man-made things) thereto

⇒ of interests in land

⇒ Land interest

⇒ of interested in land

⇒ of interesting in land 

61. Socialist laws, those systems of law ……… from the Marxist theory 

⇒ derive 

⇒ derived 

⇒ deriving

⇒ have derived 

62. Some attorneys probably earns a high salary, … small firm lawyers may have to restrict salaries.

⇒ Whereas

⇒ And

⇒ So

⇒ Though 

63. Suppliers are often ………….. creditors of the company.

⇒ important 

⇒ unsecured 

⇒ preferential

⇒ secured 

64. Tax law is a branch of public law. A tax defines a financial charge or other levy imposed upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state or the functional equivalent of a state to fund various public expenditures. A failure to pay, or evasion of or resistance to taxation, is usually … by law.

⇒ punishable

⇒ punish

⇒ punishment 

65. The advantages of Tribunals and arbitration are … by an expert. 

⇒ Speed; lower costs and flexibility; informality and adjudication

⇒ Informality and adjudication

⇒ Lower costs and flexibility

⇒ Speed 

66. The authorities … with powers to command governing the community.

⇒ grant

⇒ have granted

⇒ is granting 

– (Đ)✅:are granted 

67. The courts are the interpreters and declarers of the law, the “sources” of law are therefore …………… to which the courts tum in order to determine what it is

⇒ the courts

⇒ the interpreters 

⇒ the sources 

– (S):the law 

68. The English Parliament has two 

⇒ chambers 

⇒ areas 

⇒ places 

– (S):rooms 

69. The first practical difference is seen in the parties to the legal action. A civil case will involve two (or more) individual people or bodies whilst the parties to a ………….. case will be the state and an individual person or body. 

⇒ criminal 

⇒ administration 

⇒ civil 

⇒ public 

70. The formal courts are not the only means … solving disputes

⇒ for

⇒ on

⇒ with 

⇒ of 

71. The government is entitled to promulgate ……..

⇒ Tất cả các phương án 

⇒ constitutions

⇒ resolutions 

72. The idea that considers an animal as the subject of a legal duty ………… among ancient Jews and Greeks.

⇒ prevails 

⇒ classifies 

⇒ refuses 

⇒ rests in 

73. The law maker is called the

⇒ legislate

⇒ legislation

⇒ legislature

⇒ legislative 

74. The only distinction between written law and ………… law lies in the process of their establishment.

⇒ unwitten

⇒ unwriting

⇒ writen. 

⇒ writing 

75. The Partnership ……….. regulates their relationship, for example the duration of the partnership, its name and business, how profits, losses, and running costs are to be shared, how much capital each partner is to contribute, what rules will apply to the capital, what grounds will lead to a partner being expelled from the company

⇒ Certificate

⇒ Agreement

⇒ Document

⇒ Paper 

76. The pre-trial work, one function of solicitors, is also called ‘to brief barristers’. What does ‘to brief barristers’ mean? – ‘to brief barristers’ means ………

⇒ Tto collect all the necessary legal documents for the barrister to present the best case to the court.

⇒ To pass on to a barrister.

⇒ To present a barrister before the court

⇒ To send a barrister a brief 

77. The Price is the …, if the Price is not paid on time the Seller is entitled to interest at 4 per cent above base.

⇒ price quoted

⇒ quoted price

⇒ pricing quoted

⇒ Quoting price 

78. There are four countries and three distinct …………. in the United Kingdom: England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

⇒ jurisdictions

⇒ countries

⇒ laws

⇒ parts 

79. They are saying that we are … refusing delivery, but I guess if we make our side clear, then they might not take any action against us

⇒ unreasonably Sai reasonable

⇒ reasonably

⇒ unreasonable 

80. This statement is T (true) or F (false): The king exercised his power over his people 

⇒ T

⇒ F 

81. To initiate a claim means ..

⇒ to abandon it

⇒ to appeal it 

⇒ to cause it to begin

⇒ to reform it 

82. Traditionally, … undertake work such as conveyancing, and drawing up contracts and wills.

⇒ Advisors

⇒ Solicitors

⇒ Baristers 

⇒ Consultants 

83. Under commercial law, violators are subject … a $ 100 fine.

⇒ to

⇒ for 

⇒ in 

⇒ on 

84. Usually solicitors prepare cases for … and then send the case brief to barristers.

⇒ Adjudicators

⇒ Litigation

⇒ The court

⇒ The judges 

85. What does the abbreviation ADR stand for?

⇒ Alternative Despute Resolution

⇒ Arbitration Development Review

⇒ Aviation Development Regulation 

86. What’s the other name for Memorandum of Association in the US?

⇒ Articles of Association’

⇒ Bylaws

⇒ Articles of Incorporation

⇒ Memorandum of Incorporation 

87. Which statement is T (true) about constitution:

⇒ All of them are true 

⇒ The law is considered as the root of all laws or the supreme law of the land

⇒ The law concerns with maintaining controls over the power of the government

⇒ The law concems with the administration of government’s policy 

88. Who are … for jury service in England? Magistrates, barristers, solicitors, priests, people on bail, people with mental illness cannot provide jury service.

⇒ Elemination

⇒ Eligible

⇒ Not Eligible

⇒ Eligibly 

89. You want to add your partner as a joint owner called …

⇒ joint property ownership

⇒ joint owner

⇒ joint property own

⇒ joint property owner 

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  1. Respect work order, safety and health rules and other … of the organization

    Chọn một câu trả lời:
    a. internal regulation
    b. external regulation
    c. dependent regulation
    d. independent regulation

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    … is a court’s power to hear and decide a matter before any other court can review the matter.

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    b. Begin jurisdiction
    c. Original jurisdiction Câu trả lời đúng
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